Our Process





We want our clients to be aware of what their business may actually be worth.  If your business is potentially your largest asset, wouldn’t you want to know what it is worth and whether you are paying more than your “fair share” of taxes?  It is a natural question, that unfortunately, we find to be unknown by the business owner.


Maximizing your business value with positive profitable growth is a great way to reach your objective. You want to be in control while at the same time building a successful team that are all rowing in the same direction; the direction to achieve your company’s success and your personal independence. With Profit Picture®, you will have a real-time pulse of the company by having your financial data jump off the page and capture your attention with visual and unique dashboards. The information is from your most recent data, not prior month end or quarter end. Once your company is on its way to real growth, are you prepared for the growth of your team? With an introduction to EOS, you can help your company reach its full potential with healthy team building and goals.


Probably not today but when the time is right you want to be knowledgeable, prepared, and in control with options regarding how you want to capitalize on all your hard work. We are guessing you will want help to minimize the tax impact. If you don’t plan ahead, others will make the decisions for you. We are also guessing it may not be in your best interest.  What type of transition is right for you?


What does your business have to be worth, combined with your other assets, to provide for your financial independence? Our clients pour their heart and soul into their business. Why? To allow them to become financially independent if and when they choose to retire and focus on other things. We do the heavy lifting for you with our advanced planning, experience in wealth management and our fiduciary duty to our clients. We strive so that what you desire to happen, does happen.