Capital Gains on Unrealized Gains April 20, 2023

by Doug Gibson, Financial Advisor Capital Gains Tax on UNREALIZED “gains” is back on the table again. President Biden recently released his proposed budget and included in the proposal is an annual 20% tax on unrealized capital gains from appreciated assets such as equities and real estate. If this were… Read more

Mortgage: To Pay or Not to Pay April 20, 2023

By Doug Gibson, Financial Advisor Dave Ramsey is just plain WRONG! I came across an article this weekend from a very well-known financial commentator that outlines 7 “tips” for paying off a mortgage faster. While these tips, do illustrate a path to paying down your mortgage faster, the only question… Read more

The Joy of Reading Books October 15, 2019

I love summer vacation breaks, especially where internet connections are weak.  Unplugging from the world helps slow one down and have time to reflect.  It is important to carve out quiet “me time”.  My parents read a lot.  I can still see them in their comfortable chairs with good reading… Read more

Trustworthy & Transparent October 15, 2019

Banker Tim liked business owner Jason.  He felt strongly that with his drive and ambition Jason would be very successful.  Unfortunately, in today’s highly regulated Dodd-Frank environment, feelings do not cover the auditor regulations. MORE Read more