Informal Business Valuation

Trustworthy & Transparent

Banker Tim liked business owner Jason.  He felt strongly that with his drive and ambition Jason would be very successful.  Unfortunately, in today’s highly regulated Dodd-Frank environment, feelings do not cover the auditor regulations. Tim knew he was in the money rental business.  MORE


Retaining Your Key People

Your top performer comes in your office and shuts the door. He gives notice that he is leaving in a couple of weeks. Do you walk him to the door to protect your key files or do you try to counter-offer to keep him in place? In our experience, by the time the employee is giving notice, it’s too late to sweeten the offer.  MORE

Talent Makes a Difference

Today, in the Houston area, hiring and retention are very high on the list of business owners’ concerns.  I recently attended a breakfast for business owners.  They polled us for our #1 concern.  Hiring & Retention tied for #1, way ahead of the second most concern from our multiple choice list. MORE


Tax Strategies

Proactive Tax Strategy

How do you react to what you read in the news or to what’s going on in the economy? Do you feel like you can make a difference? Doing nothing is often the easiest course of action.  We can procrastinate and allow events to control us.  This may be the default position for many especially those caught up in the daily challenges of living. MORE

Tax Law Change, Part 1 – A Look at Tax Plans of the Past

We are seeing headlines about tax rate changes. If you are like most people, you’re wondering what’s in it for you? What does the new tax plan mean for entrepreneurs and small business owners? MORE

Thelma & Louise – Striking the Right Balance

Do you recall the movie Thelma and Louise? Believing that they have only one option in front of them, the two friends drive off a cliff.  Not the way I would choose to depart, yet the popular press keeps pushing maximization of tax postponed accounts. Why? MORE

The Tail Wagging the Dog

Ever see a dog chasing its tail? Round and round they go – accomplishing nothing! It can be fun to watch to pass a few relaxing moments. MORE


Private Reserve Strategy

Like Disney

“If the majority were right, the majority would be rich.” Having now invested more than 100,000 hours into my career, I am having fun proving again the power of Money in Motion Solutions. We’ve used this slogan for years to get people to think about their money being used in multiple ways rather than the old “bucket” or “envelope” method of allocating their funds. MORE


It has been my experience that people who chase yields will ultimately be disappointed with their results.  There is always someone who has done “better” in the time being measured. MORE


Profit Picture

The Balance Sheet for Your Business

Have you ever thought when viewing the receipt from your ATM transaction: “Wow, where did all that extra money come from? What can I do with it?” I still recall the first time my daughter said that to me after she got some cash out of her account. MORE

Five & Dime

Pennies add up, if you can collect enough of them. The “five and dime” was today’s “dollar store.”  When I was growing up, it was a favorite past-time to spend a few hours hunting for the perfect way to spend my allowance. MORE

Rocky Paths

“U.S. Stocks Face Rocky Path in 2019”: This was the headline in the January 2, 2019 Wall Street Journal (page R12). We agree! The market euphoria witnessed in 2017 ran out of happiness in September 2018. MORE


Transition Planning

When is the Best Time to Plan Your Exit?

When is the best time to plan your exit from your company?  Now. MORE

What’s Next? Succession Planning.

Succession planning for closely held business owners is a bigger challenge than getting the business launched.  During the launch and growth stage, the owner is very much in charge.  They live with the consequence of their decisions.  Some are very good.  Others are “opportunities” to learn what not to do next time. MORE

Decisions, Decisions

Whether you are selling your product or selling your company, always remember that you must be talking to the real decision-maker. In my business, we can spend a few meetings with one spouse who claims to be the “decision maker”, only to find out the other one wants to have input into their financial decisions. MORE



Why Become an Entrepreneur?

For me it is in my DNA. My grandfather on my mother’s side was a successful attorney/entrepreneur during the Depression years.  Influenced by her father, my mother encouraged me to follow my passion.  Another event impacted my life decision. MORE

10 Important Functions of an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs contribute to society. We risk capital (cash). We work seventy-eighty and sometimes more hours per week pursuing our passion to the point of exhaustion.  MORE

Rowing Together

Competitive rowing requires a strong team and a competent coxswain to lead and steer things in the right direction. Building a successful business is the same. MORE

Office Advice for Startups

My wife and I enjoy watching “Fixer Upper” on HGTV.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you are in the minority as they are a leading ratings draw on the Home and Garden TV channel. MORE

Risk vs. Reward in Business

We recently took our 10 and 12 year old grandsons to the beach in Galveston. They had purchased a big red ball to play with on the beach. After a time, boredom set in. The water and swimming were a stronger siren song for them.  In they went with the big red ball! MORE

4 Things Necessary to Become a Successful Business Owner

Becoming a business owner is simple: start a business. However, becoming a successful business owner is more difficult. I’ve invested decades into becoming a trusted business advice source and honing my entrepreneurial skills. MORE

A Life Well Lived – Lessons for Entreprenuers from Life

Have you ever been to a workshop-either spiritual or professional—where they gave you an exercise to write your own eulogy for your funeral or your own obituary? What would you want people to say about you when you are gone? MORE

What the Football Championship Game Taught Me About Building a Business Team

I’ll admit I am not much of a football fan, but my wife graduated from Ohio State so I had to learn to watch at least the important games to be able to spend time with her. MORE

When Should I Use a Consultant?

We are often approached by business consultants to assist in an area of our business. Of course, we enjoy meeting with them and learning about their offerings. However, we have to weigh the cost and the value of their services with what we could manage on our own. MORE


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