Profit Picture is a proprietary reporting portal, comprised of customized dashboards. First and foremost, it is a visualization tool for laymen (like most non CFO’s/accountants) to see both the positive aspects and drains in the company’s financials. This allows you to ask more intelligent questions in real-time. It gives you the access to drill down to find out the “why”, allowing you to develop a strategy or to coach an employee to improve upon, or fix, a problem.

Profit Picture is not a threat to a company’s CFO because it allows that person to lead the company financially instead of just reporting the facts. It will enhance their position because they can track the results of the decision that was put in place to solve the problem. This drives the culture of the company towards one of accountability and gives the C-suite people the means in which to reward the behavior that moves the needle for the company which, ultimately, is for their own financial independence.


To allow you to feel the pulse of the company by having the information jump off the page and capture your attention. The information is from your most recent data, not prior month end or quarter end.


The Profit Picture Discovery Process is designed to define, map, and analyze your company’s desire to report both financial and operational information along with your current business processes of doing so. Our collaborative process brings the best ideas together to identify an efficient and impactful way to visualize critical information that when acted upon could have a significant impact on your culture, as well as your bottom line.

We believe that a picture is worth a thousand words. Our deliverable is a mock portal containing dashboards that we believe would be critical to your organization. We will identify the key metrics that could be used throughout your organization as well how best to present it.

This process will also help define the specs for the Profit Picture deliverable for your company. We will then be able to present an accurate proposal to deliver a turnkey solution that is accurate and meaningful.