Business Transition Planning

If someone offered you the right price, how ready are you to walk away from your company? Can you picture yourself in a “retired” lifestyle? Have you made plans? How do you see yourself post-transition?

When constructing a plan for your company, we want you to have a model business to sell, whenever the time is right. Maybe that’s now; maybe that’s later.

So, let’s say you’re not ready to sell your business right now. As you move toward preparing your business for a sale down the road, an extended time frame is not a hurdle you have to overcome. We recognize that you’re the expert when it comes to running your business, and that time frame is up to you. We just help make your business more attractive from the perspective of a potential buyer.


Here are few target zones:

  • Your Business Plan – We evaluate it. We check out your strategic plan and where your business comes from.
  • Your Revenue Mix – We look at the composition of your client mix and whether it’s helping you grow.
  • Profitability – Are all your clients profitable or are they exhibiting resistance to your pricing? What’s that impact on the bottom line, top line, as well as expenses, and are there areas to improve?
  • Your Management Team – It’s all about your team: Do you have a great one in place? Would they keep on keepin’ on even if you weren’t there? We can help build a strong executive compensation package that will help ensure they stay the course. To a potential acquirer, that’s very attractive!
  • Your Financials – We’ll do a one-on-one with your CPA or CFO to make sure you’re right on the mark with necessary due diligence, long before a potential buyer uncovers any weakness.
  • Capital for Growth – A business entity, like a human body, needs enough fuel for growth. We can help you find the additional funding for acquisitions down the road, if applicable.
  • Expectations on Valuation – You have to look strong and be strong. A buyer doesn’t care how you performed in the past; he or she is banking on your potential cash flow and how you’ll team up with an existing firm, both now and in the future.